Friday, 13 November 2009


It's 00:11 on a Friday night and I'm sat writing my first blog on here. I do already have one but my friend Tash insisted that I moved from the other website () to here, so I have done just that to keep her happy.
This week I have been off college with Swine Flu or so I believe, I have the Tamiflu tablets to cure me so that's what is making me believe it's Swine. During this week I have done absolutely nothing, I wake, go downstairs, watch TV, play on the Xbox, watch more TV, eat, sleep, wake, TV, Xbox, TV, Xbox, sleep, wake, eat then sleep again. Not exactly the most fun you could be having with yourself when sick but I was pretty much just lying about in pain.
Tonight however I felt a lot better than I have throughout the week and decided that I would go out to my friend's birthday party, although this caused an argument between myself and my parents I did manage to go in the end. Whilst entering I noticed that the majority of the house was already completely wrecked, this was about 20:45. I did not drink tonight as I had taken one of my tablets about 15 minutes before arriving, and on the box it states that it would cause serious problems if I mixed it with alcohol, usually I wouldn't care about that but considering it wasn't just normal medicine I decided to play it safe.
About half an hour into being there my friend Steve who drove me and my friend Amy to the party asked if I would go with him to drop off our friend Fez back in Hamworthy, this is about 6-7 miles away from the actual party. So we drove her there, nothing too exciting happened really, nobody came running out of a house screaming or chasing us, no 13 year olds drinking by the side of the road or anything at all really, it was all pretty quiet for a Friday night.
We returned to the party with only half an hour to spend there as myself and Amy said we would be back by 23:30. Amy was extremely drunk by the time we arrived so I watched as she danced about the living room to the music channels on TV, had her leggings ripped and then turned into knee highs socks, rolling on the floor and doing the splits for everyone to see. This had pretty much everyone in the room laughing.
As we were heading back towards Steve's car Amy thought it could be fun to jump on the bonnet and say she was going to ride there, however because it had been raining heavily throughout the day and still was she slid right off it almost hitting the ground. Myself, Amy, Steve and Soph (who had also arrived with us) got into the car, Steve drove Soph home first and then myself and Amy. On the way Amy was talking about wanting chips and making hints that Steve should buy them for her, I told him not to and he agreed. Amy also had some strawberry laces, she dropped these on the floor and thought that throwing them out the window of the car at a cyclist could be a much more fun idea. She missed the cyclist but still found it hysterical, I'm not quite sure what pleasure it gave her but I let her have her fun.
We arrived home just after half past eleven and got ready for bed. Amy made herself some toast then headed upstairs, I followed with my own slices of toast. After about 10 minutes she was dead on her bed, and still is now. So now I'm just sat here writing about my night and I guess that is pretty much it, nothing else to say really.

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