Monday, 7 December 2009


I really don't use this much at all, in fact I rarely even think about blogging. Not much has been going on really, nothing to write about so I guess a list of everything I have done in the last two weeks or so will do good enough:

1) Went to Pizza Hut with Lou and ended up making complete fools of ourselves.
2) Saw Paranormal Activity with Brodie, hoping for it to scare us shitless but ended up making us laugh like crazy.
3) Went out for a lunch time meal with Keya at The Real China, ate so much and felt sick.
4) Saw The Descent: Part 2 with Anna, this time a film did manage to have me covering my eyes a bit.
5) Went late night shopping with Brodie, she ended up buying herself a new phone and we ended up in McDonalds.
6) Went to The Real China again but this time with Anna and Claire and ended up stuffing myself again.
7) Sick before I had work on Saturday, phoned in sick and stayed in bed all day.
8) Went to work on Sunday, my shift has been changed from 7-10am!

So thats the past two weeks summed up in 8 points.
I forgot to mention though that its now December, which means its nearly Christmas! God I'm excited, I've done all my shopping for it, everything is already wrapped (I'm considering unwrapping it all because I like to wrap presents), and now all I have to do is write cards for people and maybe grab some cheap little things for a few friends I haven't got much for.
This year I haven't actually made a list of what I want, my parents know what I want (or so I hope) and I'm just hoping that they manage to work out everything I want, this will probably consist mainly of money, but knowing me I'l waste it all on complete junk.
I have to save £300 though because in July myself, Anna, Soph and maybe Claire are going to Amsterdam for a week as I think we need a holiday before I head off to University and leave them guys. So I guess that a lot of the money I get from Christmas will all go towards the holiday, but after that I'l go crazy with it.

Thats all I have to say now.

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