Sunday, 20 December 2009


Today was my final day at work until Boxing Day and it was hell! The morning was fine, woke at 6am as usual and left the house with my brother on our way to work (myself and him are working together as he is back from university for the holidays) and that was fine, the pavements were icy so we were almost skating to work.

We arrived and then thats when it went downhill. Half way through the breakfast shift my left leg decided to go dead and gave me a massive sting, I was then left with no option than to carry on in this situation, literally dragging my leg while trying to balance and do my work on just one leg pretty much.

Once this was finished we went to the washing room to start the second half of the morning shift, this as usual was plain boring and slow, my leg was still dead, then along with this I gained a headache, tired, back hurting, arms killing and itching all over. To make matters worse I thought I was only working until 10:30 when my manager decided to come in and tell me I was to go on a break at 10:30 then start again for the lunch shift. Usually I would be fine with this, but today I was just not in the mood, it had already felt like I'd been there for 6 hours so an added 2.5 hours made it even worse.

I took my break which was fine then the lunch shift went fine as well, boring but nothing happened to make it worse.

I'm now sat at home, fire on, about to watch a movie and relaxing before my amazingly busy week that is coming up after today - I really cannot wait!

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