Saturday, 19 December 2009


College is now finally over for the Christmas holidays. I decided that I would take the Thursday off college because:

a) I really couldn’t be bothered.

b) Well, there is no b.

On the Thursday my self, Tash and Eloise went out for an all you can eat chinese buffet for lunch, it only costed us £3.95 for food then £2 for refillable drinks, we thought this was a bargain considering how much we ended up eating, I think I must have had about 4 plates and 6 or 7 drinks, I believe I got my moneys worth!

Not much has really been going on this weekend, I worked this morning from 7am as usual and the same again tomorrow. My weekends are pretty ruined by work but as I usually finish at either 10:30am or 1:00pm I’m fine with it, and considering I’m making much more than anybody else (£9 an hour Saturday / £12 an hour Sunday) it keeps me content.

On Monday myself and Brodie are going to see Avatar 3D, if it is as good as people have been saying it is then I believe we are in for a hell of a good time, but knowing our luck it won;t live up to our expectations, after we saw Paranormal Activity and thought it was a complete let down to us.

On Tuesday I’m going over Keya’s house along with Lou and Tash, we are going to be having our own Christmas and sleeping over as we won’t get to see each other any other time before Christmas day. We are gonna be watching movies, eating, drinking - basically what we always do, then we are gonna open the presents we each got each other. We initially set a budget of £15 each, I have gone way over that, every time I’ve seen something I think they would like I bought it, but although it means going over budget it does mean they receive more presents, so thats a good thing.

Christmas Eve I’m going out with my family (Mum, Dad, Brothers, Grandad) to go see St. Trinians 2, yes, St. Trinians 2. We never do anything as a family, I think this may be one of the only times this year we are going out as a family apart from special occasions such as birthdays or when my brother comes home from University. I’m actually looking forwards to this as I enjoyed the first film and knowing my family they will just make it more hysterical.

Also I have recently started using my Flickr again, I basically post to it about 3-4 times a week if I can, I'm currently working on a horror and 3D set so please, check it out:

From then on I have nothing planned until New Years Eve when I’m going up to London with Becky, Keya and Lou. I’m actually amazingly excited for this! We are staying overnight at Becky’s Dad’s house so we don’t have to worry about catching a train back to Poole after midnight. I love London, and I’ve always wanted to go for New Years so I’m pretty psyched up for this. After that its just going to be sleeping and work until I’m back at college so nothing special at all really.

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